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Agriculture workers and families are at the base of our cause. They represent the bedrock of hard work and labor and their production places food on our dining tables. Farmworkers are often forgotten and their plight is a daily struggle. Throughout the years, lack of water, cold fronts, and low, seasonal wages; language barrier and lack of adequate housing have impacted them negatively. The backbone of Agriculture are farmworkers. The forgotten men and women doing hard physical labor. They have hopes and dreams and need an uplift like all contributing people.


Our founder began witnessing first-hand the farmworker’s condition and found it wanting and needing an advocate 15 years ago and thereupon conceived the idea of building a support group and foundation mechanism to improve the livelihoods of these proud people. In 2009, during the harsh 3 weeks of near freeze temperatures, the Foundation raised $36,000 and distributed the monies for families to help pay their utility bills.


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